Welcome, to the Costa Blanca Hypnotherapy website. We are based on the spanish Costa Blanca with our clinic in Los Montesinos, but if you would feel more comfortable being seen in your own home then this can be arranged.


We are here to help make your experience of Hypnotherapy as easy and straight forward as possible so please don't hesitate to discuss with us anything you feel could enhance that experience.


Hypnotherapy is a wonderful therapy for a wide range of conditions and concerns. It is a non invasive and deeply relaxing intervention that helps on many levels to enhance our clients lives. 


It is not essential that you believe in Hypnotherapy for it to work for you but it is important that you want to be helped. If you are considering making an appointment for another person please check that the change you wish for them is one they wish for themselves.


Once you get in touch we will arrange an initial consultation where we can discuss your issues and suggest possible options. This initial consultation is free and lasts about 30 minutes and if you decide Hypnotherapy is for you a further appointment can be arranged.

If, however, you have decided to stop smoking we won't make you wait and offer therapy as soon as you wish. This is because it's important to work with you when you're determination to stop is at it's strongest.


We are registered with Hypno4Heroes and offer hypnotherapy free to members of the European Armed Forces who are suffering from the psychological and emotional problems resulting from their service experience.


Want to Learn More?

Do you want to know more about Hypnotherapy and how it works?  I'm happy to come and speak to small groups and explain the therapy and the amazing power of the mind. Use our contact page to arrange this.